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    All Member Visioning Meeting

Ø      Two Track Legislative Plan

Ø      Develop a Nurse Training Program

Ø      Survey Hot Topics Meeting

Ø      Successful Educational Events

Ø      Visioning Meetings with Health

Ø      Leverage our Influence


Ø  At our annual members meeting a year ago these were our goals for the year.  A year earlier (2012) we had accepted DOH Director Michael Fine’s challenge to envision the AL of the future and worked closely with all of you to develop our vision.  In Jan 2013 the objective was to share the dream with HEALTH and make it reality.  We made a commitment to the membership to keep them informed and involved on the project.  In order to serve the needs of all of our provider members we set out with a two track legislative agenda to make the necessary changes to the AL law to allow for the vision and to reform the payment system for providers that participate in state funded programs.  We resolved to make the dream of a training program for nurses to develop a standardized baseline of education about AL a reality.  We wanted to repair our relationship with Health and re-institute the annual meeting with DOH about the hot topics in survey.  operate successful educational events and leverage our influence.   

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