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New Voices at RIALA

Until now if you called RIALA, you'd hear the familiar voice of K1 or K2, and many of you had trouble telling us apart. As part of our partnership with RI College, students from the Health Care Administration program will be helping out in our office. Just about a year ago RIC introduced this new Bachelor of Science Degree in the School of Management and it has 200 students enrolled now. RIALA is a great place to get an overview of the opportunities in long term care. The students bring their energy, curiosity and state of the art knowledge and remind us of why we love what we do!

Partnership with RI College

This summer we developed a partnership with RI College School of Nursing and the Health Care Administration major in the School of Management. Our objective is to develop career pathways into Assisted Living . We are developing ways for students to gain experience in assisted living . Depending on the course, undergraduate and Master level students have research projects and presentations that are required to successfully completion of the course. A group of RIALA members are working closely with leadership and faculty at RIC to work on the issues that impact our industry. Let us know if you have suggestions or are interested in participating.

Our Mission

We represent the interests of assisted living communities in Rhode Island by advocating for the highest level of independence and quality of life for our residents.  Help create the future of assisted living services by joining RIALA, our strength is in membership.  

As a RIALA member you will enjoy high-quality programming, networking and resources designed to help you meet your goals. Members may serve on committees, download marketing information, forms and survey tools, receive advice on the assisted living industry, and network with decision makers. Additionally, RIALA is advocating on the behalf of the assisted living industry at every opportunity.

RIALA offers three types of membership: Membership for Businesses, Membership for Residences, and Membership for Individuals. Whether you are  a business interested in penetrating the market, an assisted living residence aspiring to operational excellence, or an individual looking for information on assisted living; RIALA can provide you with the tools and resources you need to meet your goals. Click here for membership information and application, or contact Kathleen Haynes for more information 401-435-8888.

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