RIALA strives to protect our members and the consumer-based service they provide.  This is why we work to regularly watch, research, and inform embers about pending legislation that could affect Rhode Island’s Assisted Living providers.

New Assisted Living Regulations

We’ve got final regulations for assisted living!

DOH/OFR will be sending out an announcement in the near future. The new regulations become effective on June 1st.

Click here to access the new regulations.

We wanted to share the news with you as soon as possible! We have met with Drew Powers from Health’s Office of Facilities Regulation to discuss implementation and we will continue to meet on a frequent basis.  RIALA committees are developing tips and tools that will help you comply with the regulations.  We will be announcing more information soon.

Special thanks to RIALA’s Board of Directors who spent countless hours crafting and implementing a solution to serious challenges in our industry.  Congratulations to our partners at Advocacy Solutions, Frank McMahon, Dan Connors and Mike Ryan who led us, advised us and navigated the waters of legislative and regulatory change.  We are especially grateful to Drew Powers and Catherine Lynn for the time they spent meeting with us, and their efforts in crafting the regulations.  And finally thanks to Dr. Michael Fine and Christie Ferguson who challenged us to think critically about what AL should be and helped us get there.    

Drew Powers from HEALTH has forwarded a letter that provides guidance for ALR as they implement the new regulations. He has also provided new reporting, variance, and assessment forms. Please read and save this letter. It will serve as a timeline and tool for understanding and implementing changes.   June 2015 Regulations with Changes Highlighted

June 2015 Assisted Living Required Forms

ALR 5 Day Investigation Report June 2015

ALR Extension Request June 2015

ALR Incident Reporting June 2015

Initial Assessment ALR Resident June 2015 

Limited Health Services Application