Marge Angilly

Winner of the The RIALA Outstanding Service Award



In recognition of her dedication, education and support of people with Alzheimer’s Disease.


Marge Angilly is a passionate, committed champion of people with Alzheimer’s disease.  In her role as the Program Director of the Rhode Island Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, Marge coordinated and led training for professionals and caregivers.  She has helped thousands of  people to  understand the disease and adapt to it.  No matter what the audience, Marge delivered information and communication techniques that could be put to use  immediately.


Marge is a champion of assisted living, working closely with the industry,  she teaches in the  RIALA Assisted Living Administrator Training Program and advocates tirelessly for residents and families.  Fueled by the experience of taking care of her father who had Alzheimer’s disease,  Marge is committed to helping further the cause of people with this terrible disease.  She has spent hours helping families find the right community and services.   And she does it with compassion, good humor and a smile. Congratulations Marge!